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Cool Stuff (Fun 'n' Games)

Magic 8 ball!!!!

Just type in a chat name and press chat! get ur friends to chat too!

Pia, Pia, Piano!! Go on, play a tune. Just click on the keys!

This game is pretty easy, just shoot all the targets! Not very complicated but strangely addictive. Have fun.:)

Ignore all the ads and stuff on these games, just play. And if you get bored with that one you can change it with the drop down menu. There are loads to choose from, so go ahead, play!

A different version of the Lemonade game from Enjoy.

Mel's Shoppe

Each evening you look at the weather forecasts and choose what stocks to buy to sell to your customers on the following day. Hot Pancakes sell well on cold days and Ice Creams sell well on hot days. You have three weeks to try to make as much profit as you can.
Enter your name & start the game!
Lake Loquax game provided by Loquax